Best Reasons To Move To Grant Park

Grant Park has long been one of Atlanta’s up-and-coming neighborhoods and these days we see more reasons than ever to move to Grant Park. Including all the new retail. For instance, a neighborhood favorite, Publix.

A Solid Foundation

There are four key factors that underpin the value of the neighborhood:

First, the location. Grant Park is only a mile from downtown Atlanta. And a 10-15 minute drive to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Next, the park itself. It’s home to the Atlanta Zoo. Plus miles of winding paths under a canopy of mature trees.

Then, there’s the large stock of Victorian mansions and Craftsman bungalows. Vintage homes galore here.

And finally, the history. Grant Park is one of Atlanta’s oldest and largest historic neighborhoods.

Grant Park Revitalized

Beyond this solid foundation, let’s explore the reasons you may want to consider a move to Grant Park now. The story begins with the steady revitalization of the neighborhood.

A revitalization fueled by residents who for many years simply would not stop believing in future of their neighborhood. And propelled further today by significant investments in development.

Like a rising tide, revitalization lifts all boats. Or, in the case of real estate, all home values.

Home Values In Grant Park

But home values in Grant Park have been on the rise since revitalization began decades ago.

Now, as some question whether the longest economic recovery in history will continue, home values in Grant Park are poised to continue rising.

Here’s what’s happened so far with Grant Park’s revitalization. And what’s coming next.

DIY Then Flippers

First, revitalization efforts began in the 1970’s with small DIY home repairs. Then people began to recognize Grant Park as one of the best up-and-coming Atlanta neighborhoods.

During this time, one of the reasons to live in Grant Park was that you could buy a bungalow for under $100,000. Then fix it up and have a really nice home.

And by the 1990’s investors were renovating and flipping homes for a profit.

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Young Home Buyers

Next came the wave of young home buyers. Spurred further by the coming 1996 Olympics.

And in the year 2000, Grant Park became the city’s largest historic district. Giving the neighborhood an important boost in credibility.

And home values continued to rise.

Retail Gap

However, during this time there was a notable lack of significant retail development. Typical at this stage for up-and-coming Atlanta neighborhoods.

Even so, a few restaurants and small businesses thrived. They sprung up where they could find space. For example, in the somewhat ramshackle historic commercial buildings sprinkled throughout the neighborhood.

Up-And-Coming Atlanta Neighborhoods Like Grant Park And The City Brewery 1030x579

Up-And-Coming Atlanta Neighborhoods – Grant Park

Speed Bump On Revitalization Road

Then by 2008, plans that were under way for redevelopment of large tracts of land on all sides of Grant Park suddenly came to a halt.

But when the current economic recovery began in 2012, developers were ready to pounce and pounce they did.

Today’s Boom

These days, thousands of new condos, townhomes and apartments have arrived. Plus many are still being built.

In addition, two major grocery stores have opened, Publix being a local favorite. And numerous restaurants and entertainment venues are opening as well.

But there’s even more happening in Grant Park.

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Key Grant Park Projects

Next up, let’s take a look at some important projects happening now.

The ones fueling home values in Grant Park and also considered good reasons to move to Grant Park.

Woods Chapel - Move To Grant Park 1030x579

Woods Chapel BBQ in nearby Summer Hill – mmm BBQ!

Georgia State University Transformation

Adjacent to Grant Park, the Summer Hill neighborhood is experiencing a renaissance of its own, providing new destinations and stability to a once struggling neighborhood.

Summerhill’s good fortune is fueled by a massive expansion of Georgia State University onto the site of the former Turner Field and acres of surrounding parking lots.

GSU has already converted the former home of the Atlanta Braves to a football stadium for the Panthers. And sparked the development of a new restaurant district on Georgia Avenue adjacent to the stadium.

Grant Park residents can easily walk along Georgia Avenue from the park to the new restaurants and Panther Stadium.

Newly opened student apartments will be followed by a new baseball stadium to honor Hank Aaron. Plus academic buildings which help guarantee a bright future for both neighborhoods.

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Memorial Drive Development

Memorial Drive links downtown Atlanta to Decatur and beyond and is the northern boundary of Grant Park.

Once an eyesore, it is being transformed with a new building for the Georgia Supreme Court at the state capitol complex. Plus numerous major developments extending to Grant Park and far beyond.

These include thousands of new housing units, redevelopment of former warehouses, and new construction. Here are two of our favorite projects:

Larkin On Memorial

Larkin On Memorial opened last year in a renovated and expanded former warehouse. It’s located across the street from historic Oakland Cemetery and walkable from almost anywhere in the neighborhood.

Larkin offers what residents have long been craving. Namely, good quality local shopping. For example, a new Ace Hardware Store, Grant Park Market, restaurants and more.


Grant Park Market - Reasons To Move To Grant Gark 1030x579

Grant Park Market is one of the new shopping choices at Larkin On Memorial in revitalized Grant Park.

Madison Yards

Madison Yards is the largest project on Memorial Drive. It’s located just east of Grant Park. And will be anchored by a Publix grocery store (just opened) with a parking deck, and an AMC theater.

Other tenants will include Orangetherapy Fitness, Marlows Tavern, other restaurants and office space.

Also under construction are townhomes, condominiums, apartments and senior housing.

The Atlanta Beltline

The Atlanta Beltline is a 26-mile long network of old railroad lines encircling the city that are being converted to biking and jogging trails, eventually with a trolley line.

Alongside it, warehouses have been converted to trendy restaurants and lofts, new apartments built, greenspace converted to parks, and neighborhoods have been stitched together in new ways.

The Beltline has become one of the most transformative urban projects in America, and it wraps around the eastern and southern sides of Grant Park.

Several year ago, the segment that includes Grant Park opened as an interim hiking trail. Already, old warehouses are being converted to live-work spaces or restaurants, new developments are open or under way, and new green space is being added.

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The Beacon

The Beacon Atlanta is in the southwestern corner of Grant Park along the Beltline. It is now a destination, home to Eventide micro-brewery, restaurants, galleries, and bakeries.

Pratt Stacks

And adjacent to the Beacon, the Pratt Stacks is now selling units in a townhome community of sixteen buildings.

Boulevard Crossing

Boulevard Crossing will be a new 23-acre park on the south side of the neighborhood that is currently being designed. Options for the park include up to three soccer fields, a water park, skate park, and pavilion. This will add much needed active recreation space to the neighborhood.

And so there you have it. All the good reasons to move to Grant Park now.


We hope we’ve helped you see why Grant Park is one of the best up-and-coming Atlanta neighborhoods right now. And why home values in Grant Park have continued to rise.

Next, we invite you to learn more about the neighborhood and browse the latest homes for sale in Grant Park.

Or, if you’d like to move to Grant Park, talk with us, we can help you find the ideal place to buy or rent.

Finally, as you may have guessed by now, Grant Park is one of our favorite neighborhoods. And we’d be excited to share it with you!