Resources For Atlanta Home Buyer And Sellers

The professionals who have been selected for our Resources For Atlanta Home Buyers and Sellers list were chosen for one reason. Namely, they’ve each provided our clients with expert and dependable service time and time again.

Resources for Atlanta Home Buyers and Sellers - Best Atlanta Properties

Resources for Atlanta Home Buyers and Sellers

From Mortgage Professionals To Home Inspectors

Clients often ask us to recommend a mortgage professional or home inspector. When they do, we ask them to look at the list below.

We Accept No Referral Fees

We accept no referral fees or perks from professionals on this list. They are here only to assist you. We make no representation as to any service providers licensing and / or insurance status. You acknowledge that it is entirely your responsibility to ensure that any service provider you select is currently licensed and insured appropriately.

Handy Buy-Or-Rent Calculator

One of our most utilized resources for Atlanta home buyers and renters is our article evaluating the question “should I buy or rent in Atlanta?” Plus there’s the super helpful New York Times Buy vs. Rent Calculator. Though it’s not local, it is comprehensive and an excellent resource.

If you have any questions about any of these resources please ask us. And clients, if you’ve worked with a professional and recommend they be added, please let us know!

Here is the list of resources for Atlanta home buyers and sellers including mortgage professionals, real estate attorneys, home inspectors and surveyors.

List Of Resources

Mortgage Professionals
Elizabeth Washburn New Threshold Mortgage 678-467-2330
Robert Scholl Silverton Mortgage 770-262-1295
Real Estate Attorneys
Clifford B. Cecchi Clifford B. Cecchi, LLC 678-517-6155
David Barrett The Fryer Law Firm 404-240-0007
Home Inspectors
Charles Mann Edifice inspections 770-594-2222
Peter Fricker Triangle Services 678-362-4741
John Stanzilis Solar Land Surveying 770-794-9055
Client Service McClung Surveying Services 770-434-3383

Don’t see the resource you need? Ask us, we may be able to assist you.