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Vintage loft space in Virginia-Highland.

Intown Atlanta Loft Guide

Here you’ll find the latest Intown Atlanta lofts for sale, information on buying and selling Atlanta lofts, tips on what to look for in a loft and much more.

Whether you’re interested in buying an Atlanta artist loft, brick & timber loft, industrial or live-work loft you’ll find them here.

Atlanta loft frequently asked questions:

How Do I Buy An Intown Atlanta Loft?

Before you invest time looking at Intown Atlanta lofts for sale consider factors that will make the space work for you.

For example, when buying an Atlanta loft consider location, ceiling height and natural light. Plus any noise issues and the exterior condition of the building.

First is of course … you know it … location, location, location!

Intown Atlanta lofts, Atlanta lofts for sale

Exposed beams and concrete floors in this industrial Intown Atlanta loft space.

What are the best Atlanta neighborhoods for lofts?

Fortunately, there are plenty of neighborhoods that offer Intown Atlanta lofts for sale.

For example, Castleberry HillInman Park, Midtown, Downtown and West Midtown.

There are of course others. However, these are former industrial areas with interesting old buildings that are now cool Intown Atlanta loft conversions.

Then, after narrowing down your neighborhood, look for Atlanta loft buildings with a great location that works for you.

For example, consider public transportation, highway access, parking, restaurants and shops, parks and safety.

But the importance of location doesn’t stop at the doorstep.

For instance, it’s important to also look at the loft unit’s location within the building.

Is it close to an elevator? A long journey to the lobby? Where is your parking spot in relation to the unit? Day-to-day, these things really matter.

Best buildings

Second is the building itself. The physical condition of the Atlanta loft building itself is often overlooked. However, in fact is just as critical or even more so than the condition of the unit itself.

Dated Intown Atlanta loft conversions and cheaply built new construction soft lofts can both be high maintenance. In addition, you’ll want to learn about any pending special assessments and building issues early in the process.

Moreover, the financial health of the association is just as important as the condition of the building.

In addition, before buying make sure to do your homework. For example, review the association’s financial statement, declaration, bylaws and minutes of the board. Your agent can help you get these important items.

Best floor plan

Third, is floor plan. You’ll want a bright and open Atlanta loft space. Look for lots of windows!

Many Intown Atlanta lofts for sale are in old massive square former warehouse structures. For this reason, some Atlanta true loft apartments can be dark. For instance, long and narrow floorpans stretching from the front door out to a set of windows at the end can be dark. Thus creating the feeling of living in a tunnel.

End units rule when buying an Atlanta loft! We always advise clients to look for end units with windows on two sides. Not only because they are brighter to live in but also because they are better for resale later.

Plus, look for “protected” view corridors. Those overlooking a garden where new construction will have a minimal impact.

And a nice view is always a bonus. That said, don’t pay more for it as views in Atlanta can quickly disappear with new construction!

Room for improvement

Finally, it’s always good to buy an Intown Atlanta loft that has some room for improvement.

For example, can a bedroom be added to better utilize an oversize true loft space?

True Loft vs. Soft Loft

Next up is what type of loft is best for you. Either type of Intown Atlanta loft for sale can be an excellent alternative to a standard condo. Let’s look at the differences:

What’s a true loft?

Like Coca Cola, this type of loft is basically the “real” thing.

True Atlanta lofts are old industrial spaces that have been repurposed into residential loft condominiums. These old structures often have a storied history. When you buy a true loft, your buying a piece of Atlanta history.

For example, a former cotton mill, dairy distribution center and high school are now home to some of the best Intown Atlanta loft conversions.

Pro: you own a unique storied space, a piece of Atlanta history

Con: true loft floor plans can be narrow and dark

What’s a soft loft?

Soft lofts are purpose built condos, not loft conversions.

They are new condos constructed to look and feel like vintage lofts. For instance, they often feature exposed duct work, high concrete ceilings and walls of windows like you’d see in a vintage loft.

With soft lofts you find many of the same features as true lofts. But in a newer building with modern features like floor-plans designed to allow more light. Plus if they are well built then they may be less expensive to own over time.

Pro: you often have more light and modern finishes

Con: soft lofts can feel cookie cutter


In conclusion, when you shop Intown Atlanta lofts consider the key factors we discussed here. Namely, location, ceiling height, natural light, noise and the exterior condition of the building. Plus, whether you want to live in a true loft or in a soft loft.

Finally, we’re here to answer your loft buying or selling questions.

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