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Cabbagetown is Atlanta’s most eclectic 6-block neighborhood, and Cabbagetown homes for sale reflect this eclectic character.

Cabbagetown Homes For Sale

Living In Cabbagetown

Beginning 1885, tiny worker cottages also called “shotgun shacks” began to be built around the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill by the mills owner. They were built to house the mill’s workers. Many of these workers were Scottish or Irish folks that had migrated to Atlanta for work from north Georgia.

Some say the name Cabbagetown originates from the smell of cabbage cooking wafting through the neighborhood air. The name was a derisive term used by those outside the neighborhood. But soon was used with pride amongst Cabbagetown residents.

These days, the six blocks comprising this Intown Atlanta neighborhood is home to a diverse group of families, singles and young couples. Plus artists and a few thriving small businesses.

Cabbagetown is located in zip codes 30312 and 30316 south of Old Fourth Ward, north of Grant Park, west of Reynoldstown and southwest of Inman Park.

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