Best Questions To Ask When Buying An Atlanta Home

Over the years we’ve found these to be the questions buyers need to ask themselves when buying an Atlanta home:

best 4 questions to ask when buying an Atlanta home

What are the best questions to ask when buying an Atlanta home?

1. How much can I comfortably afford?

This is the first of the questions to ask when buying an Atlanta home. Note that the questions to ask when buying an Atlanta home do not begin with “what’s my maximum approved loan amount”. It should be an amount you think you can comfortably afford in the years to come regardless of the changes life throws your way.

Buying a home shouldn’t be about saddling yourself with the most debt possible. We’re dedicated to advising against this mistake. For a quick look at how much you can afford, try our mortgage calculator.

Here’s where we need to balance your answers regarding neighborhood, space and amenities with the key question of price. This can be challenging. This is where your real estate agent can really earn their keep simply by helping you make some fine tuning adjustments.

Still trying to decide if you should buy or rent in Atlanta? Talk with us about it.

Ask your agent where you can find the best value for the price you can afford. Make sure they know all about your space requirements, amenity needs and desired lifestyle. Location is critical but there are often solutions that are not immediately apparent to you but might be to your agent.

This isn’t an easy task. Often it involves making carefully considered trade-offs. A neighborhood expert can really assist in this process.

2. What’s the right Atlanta neighborhood for me?

People often think this is the first of the questions to ask when buying an Atlanta home. But we advise answering this one after you know your budget.

To begin answering this question, consider where you work and how you feel about commuting. The answers here will inform your decision regarding neighborhoods. It could also be that schools plus your commute are driving your decision.

For example, if you work in Midtown and want to walk to work rather than drive or take MARTA, then research Midtown.

Or maybe you want to live in a renovated vintage 1920’s bungalow with boutique shops and excellent restaurants a short stroll from your front porch. Walkability can be one of the key benefits of Intown Atlanta living. Learn more about the best walkable Atlanta neighborhoods.

Two of our favorites walkable neighborhoods for bungalows and interesting Atlanta architecture are Virginia-Highland and Inman Park. Rest assured, there is an Intown Atlanta neighborhood that meets all your requirements.

3. What are my space requirements?

Nobody can predict the future but when buying a home or condo it’s a good idea to buy just a little extra space to grow into so you don’t feel forced to sell and move after a few short years. That may mean bypassing the shiny new but tiny Midtown condo for one that’s not as new but a tad more practical.

On the flip side, just because you may be able to afford a 6 bed / 5 bath new home doesn’t mean you really need or want it. Take time to consider your lifestyle. Ask yourself how you really like to live. Are you interested in furnishing and maintaining such a huge home? Plus, the carrying costs including taxes and utilities should be examined.

4. What are my school, amenity and shopping requirements?

In addition to price, location and space, Atlanta home buyers need to consider a number of other factors. In this fourth area we actually have a bunch of important questions to ask when buying an Atlanta home.

Perhaps you’re concerned primarily about neighborhood schools for your family. Or neighborhood / building amenities and assessments. Or proximity and ease of shopping. Below we briefly address each subject.


Intown Atlanta offers a wide array of school choice. From charter schools to private schools like Woodward Academy to traditional public schools, you can find an option that fits your family needs. Learn about Atlanta schools with the Atlanta school locator.


Condo buyers, buildings with a lot of amenities like door staff a nice gym and pool also have high monthly assessments that need to be in the budget. If you don’t need a gym or concierge then why pay for them?  Go for a low amenity low monthly assessment condo. If you get a lot of packages delivered or feel you want better security then door staff / concierge are valuable for you.

Home buyers, think about the amenities you want in your neighborhood. How close are they? Can you walk or do will you always have to drive to dinner and shopping?


Speaking of shopping, with the ever increasing Atlanta traffic, proximity of shopping for daily needs is more important than ever. Most Intown Atlanta neighborhoods have numerous convenient shopping areas with grocery stores like Publix, Kroger, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s all nearby.

Most Intown Atlanta neighborhoods offer a big advantage over their suburban competitors in neighborhood walkability and ease of shopping. It’s one main reason so many people are choosing to live in town these days. Found time! As to what to do with your new found time read the top 10 reasons to love intown Atlanta living.

Ready to shop for a home or condo? Start your search with our Atlanta home search. When you look at each listing, you’ll find we have incorporated useful things like a walk score for each property plus information about the school district. These tools make it easier to determine which neighborhood and property has what you seek. Plus, with our social search feature you can invite your friends and family to join in your search.

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